How to Test for Hair Damage—Dry Hair Care Tips

Suffering from hair damage? Not sure how bad it is? Check out this quick guide to testing your hair damage!

Hair damage is a common problem. It’s something that almost all of us go through at some point. It’s also something that is fairly easy to spot. And in today’s blog, we at Jon Somes would like to share with you some tests you can do at home to assess the health of your hair.

Below are some simple ways to check if your hair is damaged.

Follicle Test

Perfect for testing hereditary hair loss and damage due to styling, the follicle test is quite simple. To perform this test, you begin by plucking a single strand of hair, making sure that you grip your hair as close to the scalp as possible so that the root comes out along with the hair. Once you’ve collected the perfect sample, examine the root end. If it is bulb-shaped, good news—your hair is strong and healthy. No bulb—your hair is damaged. 

Porosity Test

The purpose of the porosity test is to determine the health, and condition of your cuticle. You can conduct this test by simply clamping a section of your hair and then sliding your fingers from the tip to the root. If your hair feels smooth, this means your cuticle scales are healthy. Conversely, if you notice that your hair feels coarse and uneven, your cuticle is damaged.

Sink Test

Used to measure how porous your hair is, the sink test can be performed by filling up your sink, then plucking a hair from the front, back, and each side. Once you have done this, you drop each strand in the water and observe. If the strands float, your hair is healthy. If they absorb water quickly and sink, they are damaged.

How Can I Treat My Damaged Hair?

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