6 Summer Hair Care Tips

In our last blog post, we looked at some summer skincare tips. We talked about the importance of sunscreen, exfoliating facial creams, moisturizers, and more. In today’s blog post, we are going to pick up where we left off and look at six tips to protect and treat your hair this summer.

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Wash Less Often

Washing your hair too much can stop your scalp from producing its natural oils, which can, funnily enough, cause your scalp to produce too much oil, making your hair oily and feel like you need to wash it more. In addition to washing less, you should also go gentle on your hair and opt for sulfate-free shampoos.  Not sure where you can find shampoos free of sulfates, check out Jon Somes Hair Products.

Reduce The Heat

Unless you are in an absolute hurry, embrace the warmness of summer and try to blow-dry your hair as little as possible. The daily amount of heat your hair experiences is already more than it needs. Give your dryer and your flat-iron a break, and prevent your hair from becoming even drier.

Sport Comfortable, Loose Styles

Summer is a time for breaks and relaxing. Treat your hair, and give it a break. Embrace ponytails, casual braids, and loose styles that minimize exposure to the sun. The reason you should avoid tight hairstyles is because of the way they can pull and tear hair, exacerbating the dry effects of the summer’s heat. If you can’t imagine making this leap in style, consider this as an opportunity to explore your natural hair and experiment with accessories.

Always Condition

Just as your body needs water to survive and thrive, so does your hair. If your hair isn’t able to replenish its moisture, this can cause all sorts of hair problems. During the summer, the high humidity and heat can damage your hair texture and build. To mitigate this damage, try a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. If you are a big fan of dry shampoos, perhaps you can put these on the sidelines for the summer or use them sparingly. Another option for rehydrating without getting your hair wet is to spritz a dry conditioner on your hair.

Add Some Protection

Like your skin, your hair could use some protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. While we don’t suggest squirting a big glob of sunscreen into your hair every day. Every once in a while, it can be beneficial to lightly run your hands through your hair after applying sunscreen. This can provide a nice but thin protective layer. There are hair treatment products that contain UV protection. However, these are not often the best shampoos, and they often contain chemicals that should be avoided.

Cover Up

When you are spending most of your day outside in the hot sun, consider giving your hair and scalp a break by covering it up. Not only is this a good skincare practice that helps provide UV protection, but it will also help your scalp retain moisture, which is something your hair and head will greatly appreciate. If you don’t normally wear hats, try to see this as an opportunity to explore the world of hats, scarves, and head garb.

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